how to stay Christian in college

Friend, I know — it is not always easy to stand up for our faith and not let the ways of the world affect us. This is especially difficult when our faith is tested in a difficult environment, as the college tends to be. We need to be mindful of walking with the Lord, seeking Him on a daily basis and not conforming to this world. But how do we do that? Here are a few things I have found to be important in staying a Christian while attending college or university. … More how to stay Christian in college

life lately, part 4

I am loving the autumn colors on the trees, the beautiful sunny afternoons, and drinking hot tea in the evenings when the air is crisp and fresh. I am needing to depend on the Lord for strength these days. Life is incredibly busy and hard; it is breaking my heart in a thousand ways and yet, in the midst of … More life lately, part 4

do not lose heart

This present trial, these hard circumstances and messy hearts — they are here but for a moment. This will not last forever. Even more so, they are working for us a glory that is brighter, more amazing and this will last forever. So fix your eyes on the things unseen. Still your heart before Him, my friend, and lay down your heart. Lay down your hurt. Surrender your all to the Maker of your heart, knowing that His are gentle hands and they are holding your heart together. Look at the things which are not seen, listen to the voice of Truth that echoes bright in your heart for that small moment. … More do not lose heart