no need to try so hard to be perfect

July 18

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy” (Jude 1:24)

Today? There is no need to try so hard, to be perfect and to get it all right.

I know — there are all these expectations (mostly set by you) and long to-do lists and people to see and needs to meet. There are things you need to learn; habits and attitudes you need to unlearn. There are battles to fight, fears to face, mountains to climb.

But today? Yeah, you do not need to try so hard to get it all right.

We can count on Him who is able to keep us from stumbling, who will present us faultless before the presence of His glory. Oh, we will fall short and fail — over and over again. But God does not look for perfection. He wants faithfulness. Honestly, it is so important to distinguish between these two, perfect and faithful. When we strive to be perfect, it is usually just that — we strive, we do it in our own strength. Faithfulness means we do our best but we look to God when we stumble and fall. We ask for His forgiveness and receive it, and He equips us for a better next try. We look to Him for strength, and He will help us and strengthen us.

There is another promise in this verse as well. Not only is the Lord able to keep us from stumbling but He will present us faultless before the presence of His glory — and He will do it with exceeding joy. This here, it gets me. We give the Lord our sinful hearts, our mistakes and failures, our shortcomings and weaknesses — and He promises to present us faultless before the presence of His glory. Not only that, He will do it with exceeding joy.

“For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” (Psalm 84:11)

So this week? There is no need to try so hard to be perfect. Yes, aim to be faithful with all that has been given to you by the Lord. But leave the notion of needing to be perfect aside.

The Lord is merciful and gracious; He will give grace and glory. He sees you where you are, He sees how hard you are trying to be perfect for Him. God sees your faithfulness in the little things, and He will equip you with strength to be faithful in the greater things, as well. God does not want perfection; no, He wants you to lift up your eyes and look to Him. To bring your all to Him, to choose Him and believe His promises.

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16 thoughts on “no need to try so hard to be perfect

  1. I am a visiting neighbor from Holley’s link up this morning. God must be trying to get this message across to me in a big way. I just found the song ‘Try’ by Colbie Caillat yesterday. It is a beautiful message for girls of all ages. Whether we are trying too hard at body image, motherhood, career, marriage, or home status, God is a still, small voice saying, “Rest. I have already given you everything you need. Just relax and follow me.” That’s it. It’s really that simple.

    I was saved February of last year and I have been doing this ever since. It isn’t always easy and I sometimes get lost in the wrong things again, but He always whispers to me to come back to what is simple and true and HIM.
    So glad we are neighbors today! You have a lovely space here. xo


    1. Ronja

      I found the song ‘Try’ a couple weeks ago myself and really loved the message of the song! The grace of God really is so amazing, that He wants us to come just as we are and rest in His presence, trusting Him to perfect, establish, strengthen and settle us (1 Peter 5:10) as we seek Him. Thank you for stopping by and sharing with me!


  2. I love how you say that God wants our faithfulness. He is in control of the results anyway, not us and when we get too caught up in them, we lose sight of Him in it. I think we get too worried about how things are going to turn out- a lot of people told us we shouldn’t do foster care because of the potential that it could turn out badly for us, but really, that is in God’s hands. I’m so glad we are doing it and even if it hurts (and quite often it does), we are being faithful in what He has called us. Thanks so much for linking up today! Loved your message!
    -S.L. Payne,


    1. Ronja

      It is so true, that often the experiences we go through do hurt in one way or another. When we are faithful in doing what He has called us, the blessings will outweigh the hurt (Romans 8:18). Thank you so much for your visit and for your encouraging words!


  3. Debbie @ Bible Fun For Kids

    I love the thoughts in the post! God knows we are not perfect and we will continue to sin, but He expects us to keep trying to do what He wants. The post is encouraging. Thanks for sharing.


  4. blessingcounterdeb

    Ronja, Thank you for linking this at CMB today. We strive so hard to do it right, when there is freedom in surrender and allowing our Savior, the One who is more than able, keep us from stumbling. What a great word for today. Thanks and many blessings!


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