glimpses of grace, vol. 2

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Somehow, it is November already and I am fighting to grasp these fleeting moments that my life seems to be made of as of late. Yet, though it feels like there is a lot on my plate at the moment and there are days that are plain overwhelming and demanding — all I can say is that God is so good, so good to us. He is in the smallest of details and at the same time, He is so much greater than the mountains of my life.

These days, I am praying that I would see His hand in every part of my life and that I would be only in those places where He is. What a comfort it is, though, to know that He is the all-knowing Almighty God — He will carry us when we are weak, and His grace not only accepts us as we are but changes us as well. Amazing grace. Amazing love.

Some really good reads:

Redeemed Secrets & Untidy, Messy Hearts. Jennifer writes so beautifully about why we can and should be real — because God will meet us in our broken places. Real life means messy hearts and this is it: there is no shame, no judgment when we run to God with our broken hearts and hurting souls.

12 Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Bible Study. Here are 12 seriously good do’s and don’ts for your Bible study time.

4 things that happen when you study Leviticus more than 10 years.

How to Really Help Someone Change. When you struggling with what to do when someone important in your life just doesn’t change and you are ready to give up.

The Woman Named Resilient. One of the most beautiful posts I have read in a while. This here, it speaks life and grace into my soul — because so often I have these crazy ideas of what a strong woman should look like when actually we are strong only when we stand in Grace and lean on Truth.

Finally, I have been listening to Scandal of Grace by Hillsong a lot lately because there is this one line that challenges me time and time again: “Give all I have just to know You.” Oh, that I would have the heart and the attitude of wanting to give all that I have just so that I can know Jesus better.


One thought on “glimpses of grace, vol. 2

  1. Grace is one of my favorite words, Ronja, and you are casting that vision wide here. I love it. I am looking forward to readiing through some of the links you shared here. Thank you!


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