glimpses of grace, vol. 4


The end of this school year is drawing close, and I have spent a good amount of time reflecting on the things I have learned this year.

I have found that studying to become a Speech & Language Therapist is truly where God wants me to be. Having had two clients during this year, I have seen parts of the hurt and helplessness that reside where there are difficulties with language and communication. And I understand, as talking to God in prayer is one of the basics in life.

To be a part of the lives of these hurting people and families; to be able to help on any level — has been an eye-opening experience for me, and such a blessing to see how God uses me to reach these people. The Lord has also been very gracious with the clients I got, as they have been challenging but at the same time, these people have trusted me and worked with me and I have gotten so much good feedback.

It is also an incredible blessing to have another believer in my class, who knows exactly how difficult it is to have a client while trying to make it through a crazy busy season of studies (this spring was the worst out of all semesters I will ever have). We have studied through three books of the Bible during this year, and grown so much while applying what we have learned straight into our lives. We have prayed with and for each other — our studies, clients, the rest of the people in our year, and everything that has been difficult during these months.

Here are some good reads:

Here’s How You Know When God Shows Up. Oh my heart. When going through hardships and suffering, we all ask whether God is going to show up. And here’s how you know when God shows up. Because when we do what we are called to do, God shows up.

What to do When You Want Light to Overcome Dark. Because this story, it touched my heart deep. Darkness cannot drive away darkness; only light can do that. And this story of Cliff Young running through the dark — it just makes me more in awe of the Light.

Four principles from the book of Nehemiah to hold on to when a leader lets you down. Also another good article on how to deal with the situation when leaders fail us. Because we are all just people, and leaders will let us down one way or another at some point. But what is important, is that we seek Christ and look to Jesus for an example as for how to handle the situation — instead of, say, just leaving the church or ignoring the people.

How to Handle Hard Relationships. Here are four words that will change your perspective on hard relationships and how to deal with people, as well as some great implications as to how these four words can change our attitude and the way we are with people.


One thought on “glimpses of grace, vol. 4

  1. Sharon

    Appreciate your book recommendations – I’ll have to check them out. And I think what you’re doing is just wonderful. One of my son’s best friends is a language and speech therapist – and though the work is hard, she feels so rewarded. In my opinion, it’s a calling, not just a career.

    Best of luck in your pursuits. And may God richly bless you as you minister to families.



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