glimpses of grace, vol. 5

old clothing factory

I am spending the next week as a counselor on youth camp with 180 tweens — something very exciting, but also terrifying. Though I have worked with children and youth a lot, I have never done anything like this before, and I think there’ll be a whole lot of going out of my comfort zone and overcoming fears as well.

That is what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, overcoming fears. For some reason, the Lord has been fixing my attention on the many ways He has delivered me from my fears — small steps at a time, so that it takes time for me to realize that truly, I am no longer terrified of things I used to be afraid of.

The power of His glorious grace certainly never ceases to amaze me.

Good reads found on the web:

Internet Outrage, Public Shaming and Modern-Day Pharisees. “What if instead of condemnation, we became known for giving benediction? What if instead of being on the hunt to catch people doing wrong, we went on the hunt to catch people doing right? What if instead of looking for someone to curse, we started looking for someone to bless? What if instead of naming people according to their worst behaviors and features, we named them according to their best and most God-reflecting ones?”

Conflict is inevitable while we live on this Earth. Whether it is with our family or friends, believers or unbelievers, co-workers or classmates — we all sin against one another at times. Here are 6 questions to ask ourselves in conflict because solving a conflict is never about winning or being right but rather, about bringing glory to God.

Met by Grace. A beautiful look into grief and grace by Blythe Hunt — and how we can sometimes become selfish in our grief and hurting, making it all about ourselves. And that is always the difficult one, is it now. That we want to make this life about ourselves and our needs, even though we know that is not the kind of life Jesus led. This is a beautiful, honest, and challenging read.

Sunday School Lessons I Wish I Never Taught by Karen Brown. So many important points to consider about what we really teach the kids in Sunday School. Such honesty and truly important things to consider.

When We Test Others. “When God tests us it is love. When we test others, we are declaring ourselves above them. We might have other motives, but one of them is pride.”

Staring at Dementia, Fighting for Joy. Here are some gospel-driven thoughts on how to deal with someone’s dementia.


2 thoughts on “glimpses of grace, vol. 5

  1. Sharon

    Thanks for this post, Ronja. I am going to look up that last book about dementia. I have been dealing with this issue for several years now. First my father, who died last year, and now my mother. It is a very hard journey, and it is only the Lord’s grace that strengthens me to walk it.



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