praying with David through Psalm 142 (part 1)

Psalm 142

“Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.” (Luke 11:1)

I was reading Psalm 142 the other day, and I could not help but stop to read these words, rich with feelings and truth — both of which I think we are all familiar with. Just as the disciples asked of Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray,” surely we can benefit from instructions on how to pray, and here we have a beautiful, heartfelt example given to us by David.

So for these next seven weeks, we will walk through Psalm 142 and see what we can gain from these words of prayer penned by David.

“I cry out to the Lord with my voice; with my voice to the Lord I make my supplication.” (Psalm 142:1)

Psalm 142 was David’s prayer when he was hiding from Saul in a cave, surely a time of great distress. Just how many times do we find ourselves in a situation like David — with that pain piercing through our heart, our souls betrayed or our feelings trampled and our hearts shattered. This is what life holds for us, too, and sometimes it is difficult to find the words to lift up to the Lord in the midst of the darkness.

Thankfully we have great examples in the Scriptures for us to follow, for us to use when we are all used up on our own. This Psalm teaches us how to pray in times of trials and hardships — this instruction so very necessary and needed to us, as many are the afflictions of the righteous (Psalm 34:19).

This Psalm starts where all of our prayers need to start really — us speaking to the Lord. Whether we say these prayers out loud or not, the Lord hears them. He knows the silent cries of our hearts, and the prayers that we have difficulty putting into words. He knows the pain behind our prayers, and the ache echoing in our cries.

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.” (Psalm 34:17)

No matter where you are today, beloved one. No matter where you have been. Christ became righteousness for you, and you have been made righteous through faith in Jesus Christ. So you know that when you have given heart to Jesus, you have been made righteous. This truth does not change, no matter how you feel or think about your current circumstances or about yourself.

So we can hold on to that precious promise that when we cry out to the Lord, He hears us. And when the Lord hears our prayers, surely He will answer them as well. We only need to use our voice to make our supplications, to cry out to Him — and then we wait for His answer, knowing with surety that it will come.

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12 thoughts on “praying with David through Psalm 142 (part 1)

  1. Cindy

    Thank you, Katie for sharing these truths with us. I look forward to the Psalm 142 walk in the days to come. I plan to read the entire Psalm in various translations. :) God continue to bless you richly!


    1. Ronja

      Cindy, I’m so glad to hear that you are wanting to walk through this Psalm with me! I have been reading this Psalm in various translations myself, and the Lord speaks right into my heart more and more every single time. :) Blessings to you!


    1. Ronja

      So true! I love that no matter how I’m feeling or what my current circumstances are, the Psalms are full of comfort, encouragement and truth just for that situation. The Lord sure is so good to us. Thank you for your visit, Tiffany! God bless you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. helloredds

    What a great post!

    I love this line from your post, “So we can hold on to that precious promise that when we cry out to the Lord, He hears us.”

    I’m encouraged by your words today!

    I came over on the Works for Me Wed. Link up. Glad to find your site~


    1. Ronja

      Thank you so much for these kind words, Melanie! What a blessing it is to hear that you were able to find encouragement here today! Thank you for sharing this with me, and for stopping by! God bless you!


    1. Ronja

      Thank you so much for these kind words, Terri! It truly is such a blessing to know that God hears our prayers. :) Blessings to you!


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