glimpses of grace, vol. 6

My rebellion exchanged for Your grace

These days, I find myself asking hard questions: What exactly am I waiting for? How am I spending my time — do I waste it away or do I invest in things with eternal matter? Lord, what do You want for my life? Lord, where do You want me to be? Only what has been done for Christ will last. So how am I spending my days, my time on this earth?

There is a lot for me to repent of, for things I have done or am doing, and for things I have not done. But friends, I am also learning this — that in our repentance, God is glorified. When our hearts turn towards Him and His will in repentance, He is glorified.

These are changing my heart right now:

The spiritual gift of encouragement is no lesser just because it is hidden. “It’s kind of ironic, but sometimes the people who encourage others the most are the one most in need of encouragement. God says He sees us — and He values each us.  The quiet ways that no one may ever know about. God knows. You are not invisible. You are highly cherished, appreciated and valued. May God reward you with refreshment in return. But, we need to take the dare and risk vulnerability. We need to go on the journey to find friends we can be refreshed with.”

Seven Subtle Symptoms of Pride. Pride is such a dangerous sin to interfere our walks with the Lord. Here are seven subtle symptoms of pride, as originally pointed out by Jonathan Edwards in his essay. Such a very needed read, at least for me.

The One Phrase That Will Help You Embrace the Cost of Relationships. Every relationship will cost us something — whether it is our family, friends, co-workers, fellow students, or the people in our church. These relationships will cost us our time, patience, forgiveness, pride, comfort… and sometimes (oftentimes), we would rather not sacrifice but receive. But here is the one phrase that will help you embrace the cost of relationships.

Why it matters that Jesus wept. “But, friends, maybe we are called to feel. To weep long. To let the brokenness break our hearts a little. To be affected deeply and fully. To enter in with empathy and sit for awhile. Jesus would shortly raise Lazarus from the dead, yet he deemed it worthwhile to feel before He fixed. He sat in the loss with this family. It wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t pleasant. It cost him his heart.”

Pam Markey’s teaching on Psalm 119:111-112. Almost 50 minutes of such encouragement, such wisdom, such brave honesty — this is a great teaching of being an example of following Jesus to others.


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