glimpses of grace, vol. 7

In Düsseldorf.

Last week I spent at Germany, at an intensive Summer School for Speech & Language Pathology students. The Summer School was held in Aachen but we got to explore the beautiful cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf as well (the picture above is a church in Düsseldorf). 

This week my semester at the University has started, and now I am desperately trying to figure out how to be a student full-time, work part-time, and starting to write a Bachelor’s Thesis that needs to be done in four months. To be honest, I have no idea how I will manage all this — other than to say there is no free time, very little sleep, and most likely quite many tears shed out of exhaustion the next few months. Yet, God is good and He will provide, be it strength or ideas or motivation or rest. He will provide.

All this is to say, I am sorry this space will continue to be quiet for a little while longer. But I have collected some articles for you to read. Be blessed, my friend.

Maybe it is just me but these days, it feels like people have stopped listening to each other — myself included — and I find myself craving for those situations when people just listen. The Lost Art of Listening. “But nothing will disarm a friend more than the grace you grant them when you listen with palms up and walls down — inviting their hurt or their joy, their exhaustion or their delight, their fear or their fun, into your own self so you can understand it from the inside out. Nothing is more powerful than giving someone the gift of truly hearing them without tagging on your own conditions, explanations, or justifications.”

Be a Human Infusion of Hope. Our fallen world is full of discouragement, with words of criticism and contempt and jealousy abounding in our vocabulary. Often, our pride chips in and we are too ready to speak words of criticism. Which is why we should see that when we choose to encourage others, we will be met with spiritual warfare as encouragement gives hope. So let us cultivate a culture of encouragement, and fight the spiritual battle that comes with it.

5 Attitudes of the Well Watered Woman. “Christ has purchased for us every provision we need. The well watered woman clings to this amazing truth, day in and day out, whatever need arises. Moment by moment our needs change… but God’s provision does not. When we learn how to live by faith in God’s grace, we’ll live well watered. Guaranteed.”

6 Costs of Real Friendships. In this world of Facebook “friends”, it is easy to forget the friendship that Bible describes to us. Genuine friendship takes a lot of work — and here are 6 costs of real friendships. But honestly? All these “inconveniences” are so very worth it when we find that true, real, biblical friendship with someone.

On the importance of having an eye for those who are new. It is that time of the year when people move to new cities and new places, and visit churches in order to find a home church for themselves. For a longer time now, I have seen the need for people to step up and welcome newcomers. Yes, it can be difficult. Yes, it can be awkward. But it is so important for us to make these people feel welcome at our church, and to offer them a safe place. At the same time, here is a guide for what to do when you’re new to a church.


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