walking through the advent together: day 5


The royal line of David will be cut off, chopped down like a tree; but from the stump will grow a Shoot—yes, a new Branch from the old root. And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, and might; the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord. His delight will be obedience to the Lord. He will not judge by appearance, false evidence, or hearsay, but will defend the poor and the exploited. He will rule against the wicked who oppress them. For he will be clothed with fairness and with truth.

In that day the wolf and the lamb will lie down together, and the leopard and goats will be at peace. Calves and fat cattle will be safe among lions, and a little child shall lead them all. The cows will graze among bears; cubs and calves will lie down together, and lions will eat grass like the cows. Babies will crawl safely among poisonous snakes, and a little child who puts his hand in a nest of deadly adders will pull it out unharmed. Nothing will hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain, for as the waters fill the sea, so shall the earth be full of the knowledge of the Lord.

In that day he who created the royal dynasty of David will be a banner of salvation to all the world. The nations will rally to him, for the land where he lives will be a glorious place.” (Isaiah 11:1-10 TLB)

When Jesus came, the royal line of David had been dormant for 600 years. The promises of a Savior, seemingly on the back burner for 600 years and His people desperately looking for the One who would reign forever, the One who would defend the poor and save those beyond hope. And is it not the same for us hopeless, our life like a stump of a tree; a future without hope, a life dull and without a purpose.

Yet, a Branch shall grow out and we are reminded — there is hope for all of us fallen, love for all of us unworthy. There will grow something new from the roots of old, because these roots of ours are planted deep in ground and established in the love of our Savior.

Here, we are never judged by our appearance, safe in the hands of the One who knows our hearts. Here, we are standing before Truth and yet all that we see, is the scandalous grace that bled for us murderers and clothed us in righteousness. Here, we are protected, surrounded by His compassion that shines to the depths of our hearts, leaving nothing uncovered and everything more beautiful than we could have imagined it to be.

Beloved, let our hearts echo in obedience as we feel His redeeming touch on our bare wounds and vulnerable parts. Today, my friend, when you feel the gentle nudge and the quiet whisper — let us say yes, and let us show it with our hearts and actions aligned.

Friends, I have now created a Facebook page for the blog. Do go and like for an easy way to keep up with these daily posts, shown right there on your feed. There will be other major changes coming up in January — mainly in my life — which is one of the reasons why I created a Facebook page.


4 thoughts on “walking through the advent together: day 5

  1. My sister friend who loves Isaiah!! :) This makes me smile and this verse just blesses my heart in so many ways. I included it on my post today, too, Isn’t that funny? So blessed to read your words and the depth they add to my Advent journey. I LOVE that part that says He will never judge with eyes or ears, but defend the impoverished and the meek. Isn’t that just like the Savior to rush in and remind the world that there is a deep distinction of poverty of soul and poverty of wealth. He meets us in that place where he ravishes our soul with beauty and no matter what the external looks like, soul deep we are wading in an ocean of hope and grace. I am learning to be one who is casting aside the weights that keep me buoyant above the mercy line and choose to sink fast and deep into the overflow of His goodness.

    And you are on FB with the blog!! Yay!!

    Bless you Ronja!!


    1. Dawn, your presence here always makes me smile, and this comment has kept me smiling the whole day. :) I find it a needed reminder that our Lord never judges by appearances or hearsay — and His heart that was broken for our sins, understands our broken hearts so well.

      Thank you for coming here to share these words of great beauty with me, Dawn. Be blessed the rest of this week, my friend!


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