where You lead: changes in 2016

It's cold up north

Friend, I have been wanting to write this post to you for months now — without knowing what to tell you, knowing what would happen with this blog in the future. You see, I have been keeping something to myself, waiting for all the circumstances to settle while praying about the future of this blog.

In three weeks, I am going to New Zealand, to study at a Bible College for one semester.

The Lord will use this time greatly, I have no doubt about that. To be honest, this whole story can be summed up in a sentence: I had no idea what would be coming while the Lord put everything together miracle after miracle. Thing after another, He paved the road before me so clearly — and I have only watched every piece of this puzzle be put together in the last few months. I have no doubt there are only great blessings and much growth waiting for me in these next four months.

So I have been praying for a good while now about what to do with this blog, knowing that the time I can spend here is very limited. Which is why I will be introducing new features here, to ease up my writing schedule for the next four months.

  1. Life Lately — a monthly post to keep you updated on what is happening as of late and hopefully, to converge with you more.
  2. Book reviews
  3. Guest posts

If you are interested in guest posting here on my blog, leave a comment or email me at adashoffaith@gmail.com


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