life lately, part 4

Favorite time of the year.

I am loving the autumn colors on the trees, the beautiful sunny afternoons, and drinking hot tea in the evenings when the air is crisp and fresh.

I am needing to depend on the Lord for strength these days. Life is incredibly busy and hard; it is breaking my heart in a thousand ways and yet, in the midst of all this, there is growth and there is grace. In all of it, the Lord is near and He is good.

I am reading these articles: Do You Hate to Wait? over at Desiring God. So many important, great point about the seasons of our lives when God makes us wait. Lay Aside the Weight of Thanklessness spoke right into my soul. I find it essential to be mindful of giving thanks to the Lord in everything, as this changes my perspective and the way I look at the circumstances in my life. Enduring the Uncertainty of Dating had many good points.

I am listening to David Guzik’s teachings on 2 Corinthians. So many things there that I have needed to hear. David Crowder’s new album is out today and I cannot stop listening to Back To The Garden. Also Lift Your Head Weary Sinner is on repeat here to push me through the days.


I am craving sleep and all the cozy autumn flavors — apples, cinnamon, cardamom coffee. Those are my favorite things.

I am thinking about loving people when it is hard. Whether it is hard circumstances, hard people, hard feelings between us or just a hard day — loving people can be so very difficult and require so much of us. But I have been reminded again and again in this season that love is a command, and therefore my feelings or the circumstances cannot affect my love for my people.

I am hoping for long weekends and time to go by faster.

I am feeling fairly impatient every now and then — waiting on December to come, for school papers to be done, for different projects to be done. At the same time, I feel like God is bringing about new things and I am excited to see what He has in store for the future.

I am working on starting my Master’s thesis. I put my Bachelor’s thesis in a week ago, and I am continuing straight into the Master’s thesis. Let me tell you, it is all craziness over in this part of the world. But in all of it, I am learning to trust the Lord to provide — strength, endurance, rest, peace. I am learning to hope in the Lord, and to have an eternal perspective.


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