weekly grace and links


This week has been a week of chasing the small glimpses of hope. I have been carrying these words from C.S. Lewis close to my heart:  “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” Some days, the hope that I am grasping to hold seems quite far away. Some days, my faith feels smaller than a grain of sand. But there is the promise to stand upon, that there are only better things ahead because our God is a good, good Father and He only gives the best to us.

Here are links to great reads I stumbled across this week:

Choose to Sing into the Darkness. Reading through the Psalms, we hear of the author’s pain and suffering and yet — there is always this one thing: praising God. No matter what we walk through, we can always find a thread of hope in the darkness and we can sing praises to our Lord and Maker.

Learning to Pray in a World of Distractions. In all honesty, prayer has always been a difficult discipline for me. Yet, these words stopped me: a prayerless soul is a dead soul. Yet prayer is how our hearts align with God’s, and it is this communication that is essential to our soul health. So take a moment to read these words, my friend, and let them inspire you to bring you closer to your Maker in prayer.

Hope. Mary Anne Morgan’s photography always stops me, and these words on hope are too good to miss.

Don’t Resent God’s Training Ground“So, serve wholeheartedly today. Make the most of every opportunity. Run the race marked out for you with patient faith and persevering hope, setting your heart on the promise that he is working all things — all suffering, all waiting, all confusion, all reroutes, all journeys in the wilderness — for the good of us who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).”

Why you need a reading plan & good books. “When your battle is hardest, God always sends you arms — arms to hold you, arms to hold up your hope, to hold up your hurt and let it transform into more heart. To whisper you are Beloved and you are Brave and on the days when you feel unBrave, you are not undone, but undoubtedly are carried forward by the determination of grace.”


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