weekly grace and links


This week has carried a lot of tiredness around with it. I have been thinking about grace and miracles lately — how much I see both of those in my own heart turning to the Lord every morning, in every moment, with every heartbeat. Sometimes the greatest miracles are seen in the most commonplace things and people, and this is what I think I completely miss so often miss. Yet there is grace for every moment: a new beginning every day, a heart that still beats through the ache and the hurt, a sun that rises every morning with me. These are the small things in the midst of the mundane — but these are the things and the moments that matter.

These songs have been playing around here this week: The Sower’s Song by Andrew Peterson and  Song of My Father by Urban Rescue. Andrew Peterson’s music is absolutely beautiful. The lyrics always touch my soul with honesty that often speaks right into the place I am in.

Here are some good reads to edify your soul:

Your Weakness Is Not MeaninglessGod’s beautiful design of love can be seen in our limitations. Our greatest experience of God’s love is in the place where we need His grace the most to meet us in our weaknesses.

It’s Okay to be Damaged – All the Best People AreThis post by Scott Sauls is absolutely beautiful and so important. “In the end, the more conservative we are in our beliefs about the Bible – the more we truly believe every single word of it – the more liberal our loving will be. Because the narrow path of Jesus? It always leads to a broad embrace”

You Can Forgive Your ParentsThis post by Marshall Segal spoke right into my soul and into my life — and maybe you are in a similar situation. “Christian, your parents did not get in the way of God’s plans for you. They were God’s plan for you. Can you look back at your life, with Joseph, and say that? Ultimately, my parents did not send me here; God sent me here. Whatever my parents meant for me, God meant it for good. He did, he is, and he will — in every hardship and in every relationship.”

For the Dark Days. Mary Anne Morgan’s photography is absolutely wonderful; but her words surely touch my soul. Her pondering on the light that God provides, brought light to my day, too.


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